Konwell expanding its operations by buying the assets of Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström Oy
As a result of a strategic asset deal in which Lennart Wikström will bring his long experience to the company, Oy Konwell Ab can offer its customers extensive and demanding total deliveries of liquid and natural gas systems.

Oy Konwell Ab, specialising in industrial valves and field equipment, has expanded its gas industry portfolio by purchasing the assets of Kaasulaite Lennart Wikström Oy, a leading supplier of industrial gas valves and equipment.

As a result, Konwell makes a stronger presence in the industry. The product portfolio for gas applications as well as in-depth knowledge about the industry in the company take a big step forward as Lennart Wikström makes the move to Konwell, bringing along his customer base.

Konwell viewed the gas industry as a logical step to increase its services, as gas is becoming more and more important as a fuel while there are increasing demands for flexibility of energy systems and for carbon neutrality.

“We at Konwell want to be part of the industrial change towards a more carbon-neutral future and feel that high-quality gas equipment sales are a key part of this development. We also want to keep up to date with the latest developments in the use of technology related to energy gas use, in order to be a supplier of hydrogen infrastructure services, if necessary,” Konwell’s Executive Vice President Kai Heinänen says.

Konwell has been systematically increasing its portfolio into gases and fuels. The new business transaction enables businesses to obtain more comprehensive deliveries from Konwell, including gas systems.

“Through gas and other process mediums, we can connect directly into the customers’ value chain, delivering value to our customers through cost savings and excellent usability,” says Konwell’s CEO Pia Heinänen.

Top expertise in gas systems

As a result of this asset deal, Konwell obtains top expertise in the form of Lennart Wikström, who has been in the business for long time. Starting his career in Germany, Wikström is one of the leading and prominent experts in the industry, continuing his career now at Konwell.

“It’s important for me to ensure my customers receive high quality and continuity. I’m convinced that with the Konwell team, we can make this happen. It’s also great that my customers will be able to benefit from Konwell’s high-quality services also when it comes to other process mediums and other equipment solutions,” says Lennart Wikström.

Wikström is confident that Konwell can offer his clients a good home in the future.

As a result of this asset deal, Konwell will represent some of the leading industry brands, such as FAS Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH, RegO, ITRON, gAvilar B.V., VoTech Filter GmbH, Rochester Gauges IntGTS-Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH and Stag GmbH.  

 undefinedIn picture Pia Heinänen-Alasaari, Lennart Wikström and Kai Heinänen

Additional information:
Pia Heinänen, Chief Executive Officer, pia.heinanen@konwell.fi, tel. +358 40 505 6908
Kai Heinänen, Executive Vice President, kai.heinanen@konwell.fi, tel. +358 50 040 6430
Lennart Wikström, leading consultant, liquid and natural gas systems,  lennart.wikstrom@konwell.fi, tel. +358 50 346 5536