Level control and monitoring

Level transmitters transmit information on level fluctuations to a controller, which manages the control valves and pumps based on parameters provided.

GESTRA offers capacitive electrodes for continuous level measurement. The sensor and the tank form the capacitor’s two electrodes. Whenever the surface level changes, the resulting change in capacitance is converted electronically into surface level data and the sensor sends a 4-20mA signal to the system. The sensor is equipped with an integrated active transmitter (output signal 4-20mA) or a separate amplifier, in which case the communication between the sensor and the amplifier is digital.

If limit data is sufficient for level control, the best solution is a conductive electrode by Gestra that can send out up to four individual limit messages. A compact model is also available where four separate zero voltage change-over contacts have been integrated into the electrode.

Aplisens differential pressure transmitters are suitable for the same applications as electrode-type sensors, as well as for applications in which the required pressure and temperature resistance, for example, is too high for electrodes.