Wedge gate valves

Wedge gate valves are used in demanding industrial applications where nominal sizes can be large and pressures and temperatures high. The wedge may be split, solid or flexible. A split wedge consists of two wedge parts. This allows tight closure, even if the valve is subjected to light torsion or varying operation temperatures. Flexible wedges are provided with a groove in their edges. This groove allows slight bending of the wedge seal surfaces under great forces, which facilitates opening of the valve. A solid wedge has no such grooves. Owing to its compact size, it fits short-structured wedge gate valves and large size classes.

Wedge gate valve seals can be solid, threaded, pressed, welded, or any combination of these. Almost any metallic material can be used as the seal surface material. Each valve is 100% tight on leaving the factory; the tightness is checked by a water pressure test.

Wedge gate valves can be equipped with a cover safety valve/plate against expanding media. Another wedge can also be drilled for pressure release; in this case, the valve is tight in one direction only.
Material: steels (HST, LF2 and high temperatures). Pressure ratings PN 16…400, nominal sizes DN 50…1600

As regards operation, a wedge gate value is difficult to turn. Possible solutions to this problem include special operation tools or versions equipped with an actuator. As a rule of thumb, a seat valve could be considered a better choice up to the nominal size of DN 150.

Konwell’s range includes wedge gate valves by Armatury Group, RT Valvole, and OMB.

OMB’s ASME wedge gate valves

In Finland, ASME valves are mainly used in the petrochemical industry. In addition to conventional models with gland seals, our product range also includes models with bellows seals for process conditions where it is absolutely important that no medium is released into the ambient air via the stuffing box. OMB size classes begin with DN15, pressure ratings ANSI150...2500#. Connections: flanged, socket welded (SW) or butt welded (BW).