Metal seated ball valves

Metal seated ball valves are suitable for operating temperatures of almost +800°C.

In the case of valves by Penta Valves, the Fire Safe EN ISO 10497–API607 V test requirements are followed.

Antistatic properties conform to the norm BS 5146 and TA-Luft TÜV.

Small size classes are most often with a floating structure and large size classes with a supported ball structure (trunnion). Nevertheless, in some circumstances, for example, high flow rates, trunnion should be preferred in smaller size classes as well.

In addition to 2-way valves, we also supply 3-way valves. Various sealing alternatives are available, e.g., PENTAFITE, stellite, etc.

In the case of 90° rotating 3-way valves, we have models with a L and a T ball in the range.

Our range includes valves by manufacturers such as OMB Spa and PENTA valves.