Level indicators

With the help of level indicators, it is possible to check the surface level inside a steam boiler, for example. Although steam boilers have an automated level control with dry boiling protection, the law also prescribes a visual level indication.

Four different models

In low-pressure tanks, the most cost-effective solution is a simple glass tube indicator.

In the case of higher pressures, we recommend a reflection indicator with a robust structure.

In both of these models, the liquid level can be seen through a transparent measuring element on the indicator.

The glass tube, reflection and transparent indicators are fitted with shut-off valves with optional safety balls in case of glass breakage. Connection alternatives include flanges and welding ends.

In the case of a transparent level indicator, light is added behind the level indicator to render level reading easier.

The most modern version is a magnetic level indicator. A special liquid pocket has been made in this indicator, inside which a float rises and lowers together with the level. A magnet inside the float turns lamellas located on top of the level indicator.

The advantage of a magnetic level indicator is its clear visualisation. Lamellas are clear white or red, depending on the surface level. In conventional level indicators, the glass tube becomes dirty over time and needs to be replaced under maintenance.

It is also easy to receive electric switching data or the mA signal for the systems from a magnetic level indicator. ATEX-classified versions are also available