Level transmitters

Level transmitters transmit information on level fluctuations to a controller, which manages the control valves based on the parameters provided.

Bus connections

For a continuous level measurement, GESTRA’s capacitive electrode with an integrated active transmitter (output signal 4-20mA) or through using a separate amplifier, in which case the communication between the sensor and the amplifier is digital. GESTRA’s level electrodes are designed for liquids of minimum conductivity 0.5µS/cm. The pressure/temperature class of sensors: max. 32 bar(g)/238℃, PN 40. SMAR differential pressure transmitters and flanged level transmitters are designed for the same applications as the electrode-type sensors, as well as for applications where, for example, non-conductive liquids, chemicals, etc. are measured, or where the required pressure/temperature resistance is too high for the electrodes. 4-20mA Hart and Profibus PA models or models to be connected to the FF bus are available.