Energy meters/compensation units

Flowmeters provide measurement results according to their preset pressure and temperature values. In reality, however, the process values can be higher or lower than the set values, and it is the task of compensation units to take care of the required corrections. Especially in the case of invoicing use, it is important to know the flow rate very precisely.

A computing unit determines the values for volumetric and mass flow rate, as well as for energy. To achieve high accuracy, the variables depending on the pressure and temperature are being constantly corrected.

METRA ERW 700 complies with calculation requirements according to SFS-EN ISO 5167 upon steam invoicing measurements

The pre-programmed flow rate calculation equation, differential pressure unit discharge factors for different bore ratios and measuring methods, and expansion factors of different media are stored in the calculation unit.

The IAP WS IF 97 steam table is used for calculation.

Metal expands when heated. In invoicing-related measurements, temperature variations are taken into account by modifying the size of the differential pressure gauge’s flow port based on temperature measurements and a pre-programmed thermal expansion coefficient.

In energy calculation, the energy of the returning condensate can also be considered and the result subtracted from the total amount of energy consumed.

The meters are delivered panel-mounted or as wall mounting enclosures ready for installation.