Sampling valves differ by structure and principle of operation, but all have the same purpose and most important features. A sampling valve is used for taking a sample from the flow neatly and safely, without disturbing the process.

A good sampling valve is easy to use. It allows safe and pressure-free sampling without exposing the environment or operator to the media. The sample volume can be pre-determined, which means that the sample amount in the sample container is always correct.

The sampling does not disturb the process itself, i.e., the flow is not interrupted during sampling. The sample must accurately represent the medium currently running in the pipe. This means that as opposed to an ordinary ball valve, there is no ‘dead’ intermediate space in a good sampling valve. If an ordinary ball valve were to be used for sampling, old medium from the intermediate space would mix with the fresh sample and the resulting sample would not represent the medium in the pipe at that time.

Our solutions cover liquid and gaseous media sampling solutions for various industrial needs. The range also includes products for sampling of extremely aggressive media.