Differential pressure transmitters

Differential pressure transmitters monitor differential pressure and submit related electronic data to the system. In critical applications, for example, differential pressure measurement can be performed over a system filter. If the filter starts clogging and the differential pressure increases, an electrical alarm is sent to the system signalling the need for maintenance.

Also for level and flow measurement

Differential pressure transmitters are very sensitive and register the smallest pressure differences. Owing to this, they can also be used for level measurement based on the liquid’s hydraulic pressure. Especially in high-pressure systems, measurement based on differential pressure is an excellent alternative to other level measurement methods.

Programmable APLISENS’ differential pressure transmitters equipped with digital piezoresistant sensor are suitable for a number of industrial applications. The digital display that comes as standard equipment allows the tuning of the appliance in under field conditions without any programming devices. The transmitters can also be delivered with factory-mounted 3-way or 5-way valve manifolds.