Electric actuators

As compared to pneumatic actuators, the advantage of electric actuators is their significantly higher capability to produce power, in consideration to their size. Therefore, electric actuators are an excellent choice in the case of large valves requiring great force for operation, such as wedge gate valves.

In motor-operated actuators, squirrel cage induction motors (synchronous motors) have conventionally been used, in which case the valve is steered in the desired direction using alternating current, by changing the polarity of the rotor coils. Actuators are delivered for certain voltage and frequency only.

In recent years, brushless direct current motors (BLDC) have become common in smaller actuators, allowing the use of 24VDC voltage and flexibility in alternating voltages. As standard, for example, the ARI Premio-Plus actuator is usable within the voltage range 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz.

PREMIO compact actuator

Our product range includes ARI PREMIO electrical linear actuators, the power capacity of which has been dimensioned reasonably and cost-efficiently for ARI shut-off and control valves. Other electric actuators on the market are also available, such as AUMA, Bernard and Rotork.

We presented the PREMIO-PLUS 2G actuator by ARI in this recorded webinar.