Continuous surface blowdown

Solid particles enter the steam boiler with feed water, some of which dissolve in the boiler water (TDS) and increase its conductivity. Foam forms in the boiler and the solid matter sticks to the boiler surfaces, causing overheating and boiler damage.

Surface blowdown is used for removing salts from the boiler water surface either automatically, by following the conductivity, or manually, by selecting the correct blowing rate. GESTRA’s surface blowdown valves with stage nozzles have been designed exactly for this purpose, offering a durable and functioning solution.

Continuous blowdown valve

The continuous blowdown valve has to operate in the conditions of high differential pressure, which will destroy a normal control valve very quickly even if using closing surfaces covered with stellite. GESTRA manufactures BA(E) valves designed for such applications and fitted with stage nozzles where the pressure is dropped in 3-4 stages. For high flow rates, radial stage nozzles like those in GESTRA’s high-pressure control valves are used. Surface blowdown valves equipped with a manual drive have a clear scale to ensure an appropriate throughput.