Level measurement

Magnetically controlled level indicator

The magnetic level indicator is intended for tank level indication and alarm. A float tube is connected to the tank by connection pipes, so that the level indicator’s liquid level is always at the same level as the tank liquid level. Inside the float, there is a magnet affecting the level transmitter, limit switches, and level indicator outside the float tube.

The indicator consists of small permanent magnetic discs that turn 180 degrees when the float passes them. The reverse side of the discs is red, which means that the liquid level in the tank is conveniently displayed as a red column.

ITA-3 Cryo and ITA-6 Cryo for level control of cryogenic liquids

Intra-Automation has designed special versions for cryogenic use, in which a transparent heat insulating element has been installed onto the indication rail. The entire level indicator has been insulated with Armaflex special material.

The float is balanced corresponding to the medium density, so that the float magnet remains at exactly the same level as the liquid surface inside the tank. The float is made of titanium. Wings on the float keep it straight and in the middle of the float chamber.

  • max. length 5,000mm, longer ones are made of several parts
  • tube 60.3 x 2mm, welded
  • DN15-50 PN16-40 (½-2" 150-300# RF) connection to process, flange or welded
  • R½" discharge and venting
  • Pipe 316Ti
  • titanium float
  • min. density 389kg/m3