Cold protection system

The CP 8000-REG system is designed for monitoring and controlling the temperature and flow of the process gas. The system consists of a control panel, shut-off and control valve, two solenoid valves, several temperature sensors, and a pressure regulator. A simpler version of the system is also available with another shut-off valve in place of the control valve.

The system is installed in connection with cryogenic gasification (cold box). The primary purpose of the system is to ensure that the cold stays where it is supposed to. In addition, it adjusts temperature and flow. If the temperature in the line drops below the allowed temperature setting, the system generates an alarm first. If the temperature drops below the second setting, the system closes the line.

The system is used for controlling the liquid/gas phase of liquefied natural gas (LNG), for example. The system is PED 97/23/EC approved.