Self-cleaning filters

A disadvantage of conventional filters is the need for manual cleaning especially in processes where the filter often clogs, its cleaning is especially complicated, or it requires the use of special protection measures.

For such places, for example in front of heat exchangers, we recommend self-cleaning filters by SCHÜNEMANN.

Bernoulli’s principle

The operation of SCHÜNEMANN’s F450 Bernoulli filter is based on Bernoulli’s principle, where, due to the calculation of the increase of the flow speed and the decrease of the static pressure applied to the filter net, a system is achieved where the pressure inside the filter will rise until the differential pressure switch starts the automatic flushing process.

The F450 Bernoulli filter is applicable for all types of industrial and process water. The filters are manufactured of stainless, acid-proof or coated steel, PVC or reinforced plastic that also withstand aggressive media. The size of the structure is independent of the mesh size of the filter and is determined based only on the capacity. The water capacity of the 150 µn-sized filter exceeds 6,000 m³/h.

Compared to the conventional filtration process, the operation of the Bernoulli F450 filter is continuous. Therefore, it is capable of cleaning the process water without production stoppages in all installation positions.

The filters are Ex-protected and comply with the ATEX requirements.

Visit the manufacturer’s home page for an illustrative presentation of the filtering event. The animation starts at 1.20 min.