Valve security interlocks

Together with Netherlocks, SMITH FLOW CONTROL belongs to the SOFIS group manufacturing process safety equipment and is specialised in the manufacture of Interlock security locking.

In the case of security interlocks, a locking device operated by a special key is mounted onto the valve. The key can be kept, for example, on a special key stand in the control room of the production plant.
A valve fitted with a security interlock cannot be operated before the security mechanism has been released using the individualised key.

Mandatory system sequencing as an option

In addition to the operation of individual valves, the Interlock system is also suitable for the security locking of valve groups in cases where it is important to operate certain valves in the exact predetermined order.

Interlock security locking is suitable for all valve models and nominal sizes and is easy to install afterwards.

Security interlocks are also applicable in cryogenic solutions.
In this case, they are lifted slightly above the valves by a special extension stem, to prevent the extremely low temperature of the medium from reaching the Interlock unit.