Our sales process consists not only of products, but also of proper product selection and after sales operations. Piece by piece, we have developed a complete package of services around our products.

Design support assists with choosing the most technically and economically suitable product. We will choose the most appropriate valve on behalf of the customer, with consideration of the flow rates in the piping surrounding the valve and the flow rate of the medium.

If necessary, mechanical maintenance takes care of valve installations, as well as of quick and flexible valve and equipment service.

The task of our automation service is to assemble, tune, and inspect the valves and equipment assemblies supplied by us, carry out equipment installations, and provide on-site assistance to our customers in the case of emergencies.

Measuring services are part and parcel of our after sales operations. These include, for example, steam trap condition mapping and service. If required, we will also dimension our valves, if our customers wish to supplement them with security locks for improved safety (linking) or other auxiliary means facilitating operation.

We also arrange comprehensive training courses at our own or the customers’ premises across a wide range of industries and user groups.

Contact persons

Jouni Liimatainen
Marketing Manager
Kai Heinänen
Executive Vice President