Torque measurement

Torque and thrust measurement, shaft power measurement

The torque measuring system by VAF Instruments provides information on device torque measured from the shaft end. Based on measurement results, it can be analysed as to whether the entire power is transferred to the shaft or whether it is lost somewhere in the system. Consequences of any changes made can be read at once from the meter. This means great savings potential for systems.

Typical torque and compression measurement targets include vessel propeller shafts in which case a change in blade pitch, for example, greatly influences the torque transferred to the shaft. Based on measurements conducted, pitch optimisation to the sea conditions and cargo has resulted in fuel savings of up to 5%, which means that the payback period of from hardware investment is incredibly short. Thrust measurement also allows monitoring of the vessel hull fouling rate and planning for the next hull cleaning to take place at the most convenient time.

Up to 5% savings in fuel costs

In addition to the energy saved, the advantages of the torque measurement device include its easy installation. It requires no special skills and can be included under ordinary vessel maintenance work. The measurement can be combined with fuel consumption calculation. Up to 12 flowmeters equipped with temperature measurement can be connected to the equipment.

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