The Process section includes products for all media that have not been provided under the sections Steam and condensate or Gas and fuel. Products for cryogenic media have been provided separately under the section Gas and fuel.

Our range includes a comprehensive choice of manual, actuated and self-operated valves and non-returns. The range includes rubber lined butterfly and gate valves for various aqueous media. In the case of waters where rubber does not last, plastic linings of improved chemical resistance or metal seated valves may be used. In the case of thick, slurryied media, such as pulp, concrete or bitumen, a cutting disc gate valve is required, the closing element of which cuts through the flowing medium. If the valve is open, the flow port is fully open. In the case of hot oil and other leak-sensitive and potentially toxic media, seats with bellows may be used, in which case the bellows prevents those pesky stem leaks.

In the case of hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and other extremely corrosive media, seat valves made of special materials or plug valves fitted with chemical-resistant linings may be used.

In some cases, a remote control device is a smart choice, to avoid the need of to operateing the valve when standing right next to it. Another solution for remote operation is to use an actuated valve. At some locations, a self-operated valve could be an excellent choice for pressure or temperature management, if controlled directly by means of the media.

In the case of toxic process media, a high-quality sampling valve is required; it allows sampling without operator exposure to the medium.

Our range includes safety devices and rupture discs for piping protection against overpressure. Quick-action blinding devices isolate the piping quickly and conveniently for maintenance work.

Real-time data acquired by measurement is needed for high-quality process control. Our range includes level switches, transmitters and indicators for tank level measurement. For pressure and temperature measurement, both pointer gauges and electrical transmitters are available. Our range includes a comprehensive choice of instruments for flow measurement. In order to make measurement data readily available, a calculation and compensation unit should be connected after the sensor.