Steam and condensate systems
Steam and condensate systems

Steam is an excellent utility in industrial processes. Above all, the excellence of steam is based on its great ability to accumulate energy in itself.

The most suitable product, technically and economically

To some extent, steam processes are always similar, regardless of whether the subject is a large paper mill, oil refinery, small laundry, or medical facility requiring stringent hygiene. After all, steam is always produced, generated somewhere. Large facilities have their own power plants, whereas steam generators are sufficient for smaller ones.

Once the water has been turned into steam, it contains the energy to be transferred to a production facility via process piping. An example of the target is a heat exchanger, where the energy contained in steam is to be transferred to the water heated. After the transfer of the energy contained in steam to heat the water, the steam is returned to the boiler plant through steam traps and a condensate system for re-evaporation. In this way, a new production cycle is started.

Water vapour is an advantageous and safe process medium

It can be said that vapour is a relatively safe process medium. After all, it is merely vaporised water. Safety, however, requires appropriate valve choices, correctly designed piping, and information collection on the process. These are the strengths of our company. Technical design support offers consultation and practical assistance. We also make field visits to our customers, in the course of which we solve any process bottlenecks together.

In customer satisfaction surveys, in addition to flexibility and advanced high-quality products, the customers emphasise our excellent in-house technical know-how, which is based on well over 200 person-years of experience in working with steam and condensate systems.

We dare to clam to have seen it all

We share our expertise with our customers – after all, the processes are largely the same, regardless of the plant in question.

Complete deliveries from consulting to ready-made equipment assemblies

We are capable of offering steam valves of all existing materials and pressure ratings, in manually and actuator-operated versions. The product range is complemented by an extensive choice of field devices, which also allows us to offer complete deliveries and ready-made tank assemblies.

As concerns condensate processing, our crown jewels are the Gestra steam traps and the product family built around them, which also includes the technical design support specified under the Service section, steam trap dimensioning service, and mechanical maintenance.