Automation maintenance
Automation maintenance

Do you appreciate that the valves ordered by you are adjsuted and checked just before delivery? Do you want a co-operation partner that knows your process and is able to make its operation more efficient?

Trained installers

Our installers are trained by our vendor partners and they have the appropriate skill level for electric installation works.

Automation equipment assembled, adjusted and tested

Our automation department handles all automation appliances and takes care of assembly, adjustment and testing for you.

Maintenance works flexibly

Our installers are able to perform maintenance works directly on site. You can also send your valves to be maintained at our premises.

In addition to maintenance, we will complete such appliance sets as condensate lifting devices, steam heat exchanger packages

and electrical cabinets.

In all, our personnel have over 200 years of experience about steam and condensate. Our customers have described our complete service as flexible, fast and of high expertise. Why not find out for yourself?

Contact person

Kaj Bergström
Sales Manager, Technical Adviser Instruments, Field Device installations