Design support
Design support

Do you appreciate the technical support receiver from the sales personnel? Do you consider important that the sales personnel know our process and are able to suggest suitable products for it?

The technically and economically most suitable product

In the design phase of industrial processes, the valves should be dimensioned and selected in order to meet the process values. Selecting correct valves will make the operation of the process more efficient, and it will prolong the maintenance intervals and the life cycle of the system.

Our technical experts will assist you in selecting the best possible products for your process.

Complete deliveries from design to final equipment drawings

We can perform dimensioning calculations, prepare installation and piping drawings as well as install the equipment.

We will map the problematic aspects of processes, prepare initial repair design documentation as well as perform minor piping modifications.

We have readiness and approvals to design, build and implement automation solutions for the system as well as to prepare necessary electrical drawings.

In all, our personnel have over 200 years of experience about steam and condensate. Our customers have described our complete service as flexible, fast and of high expertise. Why not find out for yourself?

Contact person

Kaj Bergström
Sales Manager, Technical Adviser Instruments, Field Device installations