Gas and fuel solutions

Our gas and fuel solutions range includes equipment for handling gases and liquid fuels. All units in the range are available in versions compliant to ATEX regulations.

The valves are either made of absolutely non-combustible materials or have passed fire safety tests. The valve range includes shut-off, emergency shut-off and control valves, as well as non-return valves and safety valves. Valves with bellows seals are also available. The majority of the valves in our gas and fuel range are of the low-emission type and have been granted the ISO 15848-1 or TA-Luft emission certificate.

A comprehensive range of safety equipment

In addition to safety valves, our safety equipment range includes rupture discs, pressure and vacuum relief valves, and vent valves for tanks. The product group also includes security interlocks to ensure a safe operation system and a quick-action blinding device for safe and quick piping isolation. Flame dampers ensure that potential fires remain safely outside piping and tanks. Valve operators allow quick and effortless operation of large valves.

The Sampling section covers sampling valves for gaseous, liquid, and two-phase media.

Measuring devices complement the manual valve range

Our sensor range includes instruments for density and liquid viscosity measurement. We also offer a comprehensive choice of various flow rate meters and calculation/compensation units for measurement results finaliszation. For level measurement, level switches, transmitters and indicators are available; we also offer gauges, sensors, and transmitters for pressure and temperature measurement.

The section Assemblies for pressure and flow control contains information on valve assemblies designed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The section Plate heat exchangers contains information on efficient heat exchange between media by means of plate heat exchangers.

All shut-off and control valves in our range can be equipped with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators, for which positioners and limit switches are also available.