Mechanical maintenance
Mechanical maintenance

Do you consider flexibility as surplus value? Do you appreciate the fast reaction from your valve supplier in urgent malfunctioning situations? Do you want to have reliable co-operation partner for the valve maintenance?

Installers competent for welding

Our installers have a welding category certificate so they can manage both preparation and installation works from beginning to end.

Maintenance works on site

You can send your steam traps, safety valves and shut off valves to us for checking or maintenance. We will carry out on site condition mapping, measurement of steam traps as well other maintenance and installation works.

Flexible and fast

Thanks to our flexibility and comprehensive stock inventory, we are able to give quick help in malfunctioning situations.

In all, our personnel have over 200 years of experience about steam and condensate. Our customers have described our complete service as flexible, fast and of high expertise. Why not find out for yourself?

Contact person

Dino Magi
Key Customer Manager