Safety devices

Safety devices are their systems’ safety net. They are set to interfere in case something unexpected happens in the process or if a human error occurs.

An example of a human error is when maintenance is started on a line wrongly believed to be depressurised. To prevent such ’slips’, SMITH FLOW CONTROL (SFC), one of the companies we represent, has introduced and continues to develop new solutions, such as Interlock security locking, Easy-Drive operation tool, and FlexiDrive remote operation unit. SFC and Netherlocks are members of the new SOFIS group; we have the entire group’s product range at your disposal.

More conventional safety devices in our product range are supplied by ARI ARMATUREN and NIEZGODKA; they offer a complete choice of safety devices and vacuum relief valves. Rupture discs and explosion vent panels are supplied by ZOOK.

Pressure and vacuum relief valves