Globe valves

The globe valve is a device in which the flow is controlled by a vertically moving plug. Globe valves are also referred to as poppet valves or cone valves. The term ‘globe valve’ derives from the round shape of the valve body.

Globe valves are suitable for both shut-off and control operation, depending on the shape of the closing element. Due to its structure, there is always some flow resistance over a globe valve. A bellows seal can be used for stem sealing if the objective is to make sure no medium escapes into the surrounding environment through the stem seal. Owing to the short vertical movement, a globe valve with a bellows seal is lower than a gate valve with a bellows seal.

Our product portfolio includes globe valves by KÜHME and ARI Armaturen; the range includes manual and automatic shut-off, quick-action shut-off, control, and mixing valves.