Level indicators

Level indicators

With the help of level indicators, the level in the tank can be checked locally.

A magnetic level indicator is intended for tank level indication. A float tube is connected to the tank by connection pipes, so that the level indicator’s liquid level is always at the same level as the tank liquid level. In the float, there is a magnet affecting the level transmitter, limit switches, and level indicator outside the float tube.

The indicator consists of small permanent magnetic discs that turn 180 degrees when the float passes them. The reverse side of the discs is red, which means that the liquid level in the tank is conveniently displayed as a red column.

The Intra-Automation ITA range includes a number of different models for various process conditions.

A mMaintenance-free level indicator for corrosive, highly flammable, toxic, cold, and hot liquids, as well as for indication of the interface between two fluids:

  • measurement range: 5,000 mm/part max.
  • pressure rating: PN 10...PN 320
  • medium temperature: -50°C...400°C
  • indication: mechanical and/or electrical
  • alarm limits: adjustable reed relays
  • material: AISI316, PVC, PP, PVDF
  • can be equipped with an analogue transmitter using a reed relay resistor chain

In low-pressure tanks, the most cost-effective solution is a simple glass tube indicator.
In the case of higher pressures, we recommend a reflection indicator with a robust structure.
In both of these models, the liquid level can be seen through a the transparent measuring element of the indicator.
The glass tube, reflection and transparent indicators are fitted with shut-off valves with optional safety balls in case of glass breakage.