Safety valves

The task of safety valves is simply to release the pressure from the process if it exceeds the pressure setting of the valve. Our range covers safety valves for cryogenic media such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and LNG. We represent the cryogenic valve manufacturer FEMA. Our product range also covers other safety valve manufacturers.

The safety valves are provided with M/F NPT (ANSI B 1.20.1) or GAS (BSPP ISO228/1) threaded connections. In the case of FEMA safety valves, the stem is guided at the top and the disc has the blow-down ring. The valve can be equipped with bellows if the process values are such that the backpressure exceeds 10% of the set temperature. S3100, S3200, S3300 and S3400 series valves are designed in accordance with the ASME B16.34 standard and supplemented as per category IV of the directive 97/23/CE (PED).