Rubber lined butterfly valves

Rubber lined butterfly valves are suitable for use as shut-off valves in both large and small low-pressure water piping. They are light, installation-friendly, easy to use, and leak-tight.

Installation options include a model to be installed between flanges (wafer), a flanged model and a lug type model.

Materials according to the process substance

Typical media include process cooling water, clean and fresh water. A suitable material combination can be selected for each medium application. Typically, the valve seat is made of cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron and the seat lining is chosen based on the media. We keep a stock of EPDM and NBR lined valves.

Valves can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators. Ground installation and extension stem-mediated operation from ground level are also possible.

Large butterfly valves should be installed in the piping so that the valve stem is horizontal.