Gate valves

In a gate valve, the flow is closed by lowering a gate in the middle of the flow port. Due to their structure, gate valves are excellent shut-off valves, but are not suitable for control use. Since the closing element completely clears the flow port, there is no pressure loss and piping can be cleaned by pigging.

Gate valves can be divided into three subcategories: wedge gate valves, knife gate valves, and rubber lined gate valves. Each valve type has different application options.

Wedge gate valves are an excellent choice for fuel and gas line shut-off operation. Our range includes valves up to the pressure rating PN 320 and ASME 2500#.

Knife gate valves are used at dirt-accumulating locations and with thick, slurry media, in which case the cutting properties of a straight knife gate can be utilised.

Rubber lined gate valves are used with water pipes in waterworks construction.

Besides manual operation, all knife gate valves are available with pneumatic or electric actuators.

For knife gate valves and rubber lined gate valves, see the Process valves section