Steam and condensate manifolds

AWH steam and condensate manifolds are compact assemblies, the housing of which has integrated shut-off valves. They can be fitted either with gland or bellows seals. The valves are completely maintainable, because the valve stem and the internal valve seat can be replaced when the valves start leaking due to contamination.

Steam and condensate manifolds are available for both vertical and horizontal mounting. In vertical manifolds, there are secondary connections on both sides of the manifold, while in horizontal manifolds they are on one side only. Lengths of manifolds and valve spacing can be tailored case-specifically.

For small condensate quantities

Steam and condensate manifolds can be applied, for example, for the distribution of steam used in the heat tracing of the steam, as well as for the collection of formed condensate.

As an optional extra, an insulation jacket is available that enables outdoor installation without a special protective casing.

Steam and condensate manifolds for large condensate volumes are designed and manufactured to specification.