Thermostatic steam traps

The operation principle of the GESTRA MK steam traps is based on the pressure and temperature controlled mono-membrane regulator. An alcohol and water solution is used as the control media in the regulator. By adding alcohol to water, the boiling point of water is reduced as compared to just using pure water.

By means of this technique, a quickly functioning steam trap is achieved that closes itself a little before the live steam flows through the trap. Therefore, the live steam losses from the steam traps amount to 0 kg/h.

Quick opening/closing steam trap

The model is ideally suited for sites where the pressures and condensate quantities are relatively low. Due to the faster response, it is ideal for sites where the loads are rapidly changing or the system needs opening or closing often.

Due to their good air exhaust properties, the thermostatic steam traps can also be used as air bleeding and deaeration units in the steam systems. The steam traps of the MK series are also suitable for outdoor use.