Disco and lined non-return valves

GESTRA Disco RK non-return valves are compact axial-model valves in which the closing spring lies symmetrically in the centre of the valve. GESTRA applies a so-called lapping technique where the sealing surface of each closing disc is finished separately by polishing, thereby making the valve so tight that it can also be used as a vacuum relief valve in piping.

The non-return valves of the Disco model are most suitable for small pipes, because their flow resistance in relation to other flanged non-return valves rises as the pipe size increases.

Different materials for different process media

In addition to the lapping of the seal surface, the choice of materials is also extensive. There are different materials for the body, the flap and the spring, for which reason tailored solutions are possible; for example, the spring of the non-return valve can be made of hastelloy and the other parts of acid-proof steel. The standard opening pressure is 5 mbar, while a wide range of other spring forces is available.

Soft seals EPDM, NBR, or PTFE are available as well.

MB is a threaded brass non-return valve for water systems. All RK models are designed to be installed between flanges. Depending on the model, the body materials are special brass as well as stainless or acid-proof steel of different grades.

The product range also includes PN 160 high-pressure valves.