Heavy-duty steam traps

In some processes, the condensate quantities are especially high, often many tonnes per hour. In this case, even the capacity of heavy-duty float steam traps is not sufficient. For such applications, GESTRA has designed a compact TK heavy-duty steam trap with a condensate discharge capacity of even above 100,000 kg/h.

Seat-operated steam trap with thermostatic pilot control

Regarding its construction, the TK is a steam trap with thermostatic pilot control. In the first phase of the condensate discharge, it is controlled by mono-membrane regulators from thermostatic MK steam traps, but the actual condensate discharge will be performed by a main valve integrated in the trap that contains a separate seat and a seat insert.

As the name refers, GESTRA TK is perfect for applications with large condensate volumes. Due to its operating principle, the condensate line should be designed as descending.