Plug valves

The operation principle of plug valves by AZ Armaturen is basically similar to that of ball valves. Instead of the ball, a cone with a flow port, functions as the closing element.

Plug valves are available with both soft and metal seats.

A problem solver of a kind

A soft seated plug valve is an excellent choice due to the lack of free space between the plug and the seat (as opposed to ball valves, for example); the gap is completely closed by the lining.
This is a good quality, since if the process medium contains sand-like particles these could end up in the intermediate space (as in the case of ball valves) and quickly damage the seal.

Metal-seated plug valves have the advantage of high pressure (and especially temperature) resistance.

The valves have the following approvals: TA-Luft, AD-2000/TRS-Nr. 45 and Fire-Safe API 607.

Plug valves are available in multi-stage versions and can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Applicability in sampling situations

A soft seated plug valve is also an excellent choice for process sampling systems. The AZ plug valve range includes ready-made sampling systems.

Listen to and watch our webinar on plug valve features.