Bi-metallic steam traps

The operation of the GESTRA BK steam traps is based on the robust structured, pressure and temperature controlled bi-metallic regulator. The plates of the regulator are welded from plates with two different thermal expansion coefficients that begin to bend while heated. The plate pack has been assembled so that the bending plates are placed against each other and the regulator closes when the pressure rises. The GESTRA BK steam trap has been adjusted so that it is fully closed before the steam starts flowing through the steam trap, so that live steam losses in the trap amount to 0 kg/h.

Robust structured basic steam trap

This model is suitable for sites where the condensate quantities are relatively low but, on the other hand, the pressures are high. Due to the structure, the BK steam traps have good resistance to superheated steam and are perfectly suitable for use in power plants. Owing to its strong integrated back surge protection, the BK is also a good choice for sites where it is not technically feasible in the design to avoid pressure shocks directed at the steam traps. The steam traps of the BK series are also suitable for outdoor use.