Ball valves

Ball valves are excellent shut-off values for various processes. In the context of gases and liquids, it is an extremely tight valve.

The valve structure is lower as compared to most other valves; the mechanical motion consists of 90° rotation.
Especially in small size classes, ball valves with manual drive are very quick acting.

The valves are available with full port and reduced port. In addition, the valve structure can be either a floating or supported ball structure (trunnion). The latter is most popular in large size classes and at high flow rates.
In addition to 2-way valves, we also supply 3-way valves. There are several sealing options, which can be divided into two main groups: soft seated and metal seated valves.

Valve models equipped with a heating jacket are available for locations where the liquid medium would solidify at normal temperatures. Hot water or steam, for example, can be used as the heat carrier.
Other special solutions include bottom valves supplied in connection with tanks.
Our valve range comprises valves manufactured in accordance with both DIN and ASME classifications.
Our ball valves are available with manual drive or equipped with various actuators, such as pneumatic, electrical, or hydraulic actuators.

On request, special solutions are available for the valves, such as improved gland seal, various extension stems, drillings into the ball to ensure pressure equalisation, etc.
We also offer double block and bleed valves.
Our range includes valves by manufacturers such as ALFA Valvole, FEMA Srl OMB Spa, and PENTA Valves.