Sample cooler

Gestra sample coolers are specially designed for taking samples of boiler feedwater for analysis. They prevent steam flashing off from the sample, which is both dangerous and results in an incorrect boiler water analysis. Sampling is an especially important part of steam boiler operation. However, correct sampling methods and properly functioning tools are preconditions to appropriate and uncompromised analysis.

Direct sampling from hot boiler water and pressurised lines is always associated with the risk of performing the procedure incorrectly. Sample re-evaporation in the sampling line or sample vessel increases the density of the remaining sample water; because of this, the sample no longer represents the actual TDS content (salinity) of the boiler. Therefore, sample evaporation inevitably leads to incorrect measurement results.

Gestra PK has been developed for reliable and user-friendly boiler feedwater sampling. The boiler water sample is cooled to a reference temperature of 25°C and thus meets the basic requirements for an accurate water analysis.

Pre-installed instrument plate with pressure reduction, temperature gauge, and a cooling coil, which can be removed.