Dry boiling

The task of the dry boiling sensor is to shut off the burner for the steam or water boiler when the water level drops too low, thereby avoiding a possible boiler explosion. In steam boilers, the dry boiling protection can be implemented with two individual self-monitoring sensors (GESTRA NRG) or with three differential pressure transmitters. By using the dry boiling electrodes designed for this purpose, problems with impulse lines can be avoided, for example.

SIL3 classified

GESTRA’s dry boiling electrodes are PED-approved, self-monitoring models where the communication between the sensor and the amplifier takes place in digital mode. In parallel with the digital models, conventional models with SIL3 safety classification are also still available. The conductivity of the liquid should be at least 0.5µS/cm. The pressure/temperature class of sensors: max. 183 bar(g)/400°C, PN 320.