Density measurement

The measurement of oil and turbidity is based on a medium sample taken from the line that is passed through the meter and returned back to the process. A light signal is transmitted through the medium, the refraction of which in a clean medium is known.

For example, in condensate systems, the meter checks the cleanness of the condensate. In many industrial processes where, for example, the product tanks are heated with steam, there is a risk if the heating coils burst up that foreign matter such as oil will flow into the condensate system. If the GESTRA OR oil and turbidity sensor identifies changes in condensate cleanness, it will immediately send the information to the control centre, and the signal will give, for example, to a 3-way valve in the line a command to remove dirty condensate to the reserve tank.

Process safety device

In this way, information about the emergency state is received quickly and the oily condensate cannot contaminate the entire condensate system.

GESTRA OR 42/52 is designed for continuous monitoring of turbidity, emulsified oil, and fat content in liquids.

Its applications include the monitoring of the oil content in the condensate of steam boiler plants, as well as the control of sand filters, reverse osmosis, and the removal of minerals in water supply plants.
Other applications include wastewater plants and the beverage industry.