Internal tank safety valves

The valves allow the control of the medium outflow from the storage tank. The valves in question are used as parallel valves in cryogenic media storage tanks. The operation is based on a seat-like closing mechanism in the valve, which is located inside the storage tank. The seat’s closing surface is lapped; there is an additional O-ring for excellent tightness. Under normal operating conditions, the valve is kept open and the medium can flow out of the tank. At that time, a gate valve installed in the pipeline controls the flow. The seat valve inside the tank is closed only in the case of possible emergencies or gate valve repair works.

The Protego SI/F valve is closed inside of the tank. This ensures that the tank cannot leak in the case of damage to closing mechanisms located outside the tank. Valve maintenance is possible as well, since only the mounting flange is welded to the tank shell. External valve components can be replaced without draining the tank.