Ultrasonic flowmeters

Ultrasonic meters are used for liquid flow measurements.

The metering is based on the sound transition time in a known liquid. An ultrasonic meter sends an ultrasonic signal into the metered pipe and receives the return signal. If the size of the pipe and the velocity of sound in the flowing medium are known, the medium flow rate can be calculated based on the signal received.

We also offer battery-powered ultrasonic meters for the reduction of installation costs at locations where power supply is not readily available.

Measuring from outside the pipe is possible as well.

As an alternative to measuring inside the pipe, measuring from the pipe surface is possible. Measuring sensors are installed on the pipe with a spacing specified in the user manual depending on the pipe diameter, thereby avoiding the need to drill holes into the pipe. This method is also applicable for temporary control measurements. Measuring from outside the pipe must always be performed with the pipe full of the liquid being measured.