Viscosity measurement

A typical application is the measurement of marine fuel viscosity and its modification to the optimum viscosity in relation to the vessel’s fuel efficiency, since the quality of fuel available in ports varies extensively.

The Viscosense3 measuring instrument does not contain moving parts and is easy to install. A very slight torsional vibration is achieved by piezo elements in the internal sensor components. Re-calibration is not needed. The unit is also equipped with an integrated Pt 100 sensor. The viscometer can be ordered with DN 50-150 process connections. Seat materials GGG 40.3, steel or AISI 316, depending on process conditions. The material of the measuring sensor itself is AISI 316L.

Measurement range 0-25 or 0-50mPas (available up to 1000mPas)

Accuracy ±2%

4-20 mA output signal

PT100 built-in