Steam and condensate course GESTRA for professionals

The course gives theoretically a comprehensive package when it comes to steam and condensate systems. The two day course gives a deep look in the inner workings of a steam and condensate system and allows us eg. to analyze in-depth what causes distrubance in the steam and condensate process. The theoretical side is put to the practice in GESTRA´s specially constructed glasslaboratory.

Content of the course

When you master the properties of steam and condensate, it gives you the understanding of the causal connection if the process is facing disturbance. Follwing topics will be handled at the course.

  • Glasslaboratory – The whole process equipment from piping, to heatexchanger and from valves to condensatetank is made out of glass. This allows us to visually observe the fyscial phenomenons that take place in the steam and condensate system. We can alter the different variables and observe how this affects the overall process.

  • In the highpressure in-house testing facilities we will demonstrate the function of different types of steam traps. We also take a closer look, on how different process conditions affects the function and suitability of the particular steam trap in question.

  •  In the latter part of the seminar we will discuss and demonstrate the importance of steam trap testing and the quality control of the products. You will wittness all the different stages from manufacturing to testing.

The course is meant for professionals within the energy sector who pocess the basics in steam and condensate applications. Wether you are a technician or a speciaslist – this course is suitable for all of those who work with steam systems on a daily basis. Welcome!

Priceinclude flights, accomadations, food and course material.


  • GESTRA AG, Bremen, Saksa
  • 26.11.2019–28.11.2019
  • 2.480,-/person €
    + alv 24%
Jussi Blom
Aluepäällikkö Länsi-Suomi, Teollisuusventtiilit