Manually operated shut-off valves

Manually operated seat valves are excellent shut-off valves. They cause minor pressure loss in piping and inhibit pipe cleaning by means of pigging. Seat valves open slowly, thereby avoiding pressure shocks.

In the case of toxic or otherwise environmentally harmful media, attention must be paid to stem seal emission level. A low emission valve is both user and environmentally friendly. In addition, emissions through the stem seal are in essence medium losses. In addition to low-emission (ISO 15848, API 622, API 624) models with stem seals, our product range includes models with bellows seals for process conditions where it is necessary to ensure no medium is released into the ambient air via the stem seal. A seat valve with bellows is smaller than a gate valve with bellows.

Various material options are available, ranging from cast iron to acid-proof steel and nickel alloys. Our product range covers DIN and ANSI valves for both low-pressure and high-pressure systems.

When dimensioning a seat valve, it is good to know the system medium, temperature, pressure, and differential pressure across the valve.

Our product range includes ARI low-pressure valves in the weldable version and with DIN and ASME flanges, supplemented by OMB valves. OMB specialises in small, compact shut-off valves; the range also includes special materials. Our range includes DESCOTE seat valves for demanding media.