Mixing valves

Mixing valves are intended for mixing two different gases. There are two media inlets and one outlet. Inside the valve, a closing element system is connected to a stem, the movement of which adjusts the flow and mixing ratio. Mixing valves are automatic, in order to ensure constant mixing quality in the ever-changing process.

With the help of a mixing valve, the energy density of combustion gas can be adjusted by mixing two different gases. In this way, the gas flow to a burner, engine, or gas network can be standardised. A mixing valve can also be used to control the flow temperature, by mixing gas flows of different temperature. Typical applications include gas-powered internal combustion engines and burners, as well as biogas installations.

Our range includes the automatic Kühme ZDM mixing valve, which allows mixing ratios between 50:50 and 20:80 and total flow control up to the flow rate of 1:30. The valve allows vertical and rotational movement at the same time. The vertical movement mainly controls flow rate and the rotational movement achieves accurate mixing ratio adjustment. There is also a fixed mixer in the valve ensuring good mixing results. The valve is available with both compressed air and electric actuators.