Actuator operated control valves

Our product range covers a wide selection of 2-way and 3-way control valves for different applications. 2-way valves are available either with linear or equal percentage control characteristic. 3-way valves can be used for mixing or distribution applications. They are available with an in-built, adjustable minimum rotation and can be used, for example, as boiler feed water valves.

We dimension the valves with the help of the ARI myValve dimensioning software. In connection with this, we check the adequacy of the valve capacity, make sure the valve is not over-dimensioned, and check the flow rates inside the valve as well as the noise level caused by the pressure adjustment. It is possible to fit the ARI valves with different perforated cones that reduce, for example, the noise level of the valve significantly. In 470 series valves, the seat and the cone can also be replaced afterwards. In this case, the KVS-value of the valve can be modified according to the changed process conditions.

Case-specific actuator

Valves can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators.

A pneumatic actuator is fast and less vibration sensitive as compared to an electric actuator, for example. In our seat-type valves, we mainly use the factory’s own actuators, so that we are able to dimension an actuator of exactly the correct size for each valve type.

We can deliver electric actuators for different voltages made by the valve manufacturers themselves or by other manufacturers such as AUMA, BERNARD or ROTORK.

ARI’s own PREMIO actuator has been dimensioned so that the force produced by the actuator corresponds precisely to the force required by the ARI valve. This will also yield clear price advantages.

A safety device is available for electric actuators that will close the valve during a power failure.

Position transmitters and limit switches are available as optional extras.