Quick-action shut-off valves

Cryogenic quick-action shut-off valves differ only slightly from regular quick-action shut-off valves. In the case of valves designed for cryogenic use, the need to withstand extremely low temperatures has been considered. The valve is delivered clean and dry. It has an extension stem and the materials have been chosen to endure cold. Thermal expansion has been taken into account in design and dimensioning.

Our range includes quick-action shut-off valves KVL/PR-TT designed specifically for cryogenic media (-196°C). The valve enables shut-off times under a second. If necessary, ATEX and SIL certificates are available for the valves.

Valve opening can be adjusted for flow optimisation in start-up and shut-down situations.

The quick-action shut-off valves comply with the requirements of the standard EN 1160 to for equipment used in connection with liquefied natural gas (LNG).